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Nurturing authors through the varying stages of their careers, the team at NAC Literary are committed to ensuring manuscripts are of the highest standard when pitched in Australia and overseas. Whether a new, debut or emerging author, or an established author looking for greater overseas exposure, you may be confident NAC will work closely with you as your career develops.

Our primary interest is in adult fiction across the range, from romantic comedy, men and women's commercial fiction, through to literary fiction.

To Date, the Future

At the time of NAC's August 2015 registration, our focus was on new, as in 'unpublished' authors. Since then a number were published several times, and have been joined by others wanting to reestablish their careers, be exposed to other than their home markets.

Rather more than 50% of all manuscripts fully completing NAC's process received one or more publishing offers, with >50 books contracted for publication. The future seems bright, as our list becomes more established ...