Working With Authors


‘Helping deserving authors fulfil their dream of being published’ (NAC’s mission).


We Love Our Authors

Authors Joining NAC

NAC only handles ‘finished’ works, manuscripts authors vouch as ‘ready for publishers’, assuming they were not represented by an agent.

NAC takes care in engaging only with authors subscribing to our vision, committed to being the best writers they can be, then invests time and energy needed to guide the author in preparing their manuscript for submission to publishers. 

Please read carefully our FAQs and Becoming a NAC Author pages before contacting NAC with your 'finished' manuscript. '. 

A discussion between author and NAC Relationships Head, whose objective is to determine mutual objectives and intentions, begins the process of author selection and manuscript assessment. Then an invitation requires author commitment to act on NAC’s Manuscript Review Panel recommendations, an ‘in principle’ agreement to join NAC, and to NAC representing all of their future works.

The author then submits a Bio, a Synopsis of the work, and the draft manuscript for initial assessment by NAC Editorial – usually this starts with a 30+/- page ‘read’.

NAC expects every work submitted will have had – as a minimum- a formal proof-read or basic level (i) edit. Any work not demonstrating at least this level of ‘editing’ will be returned to the author with suggestion further work be undertaken before re-submission.

Review Panel feedback, and the author’s commitment to act on its recommendations, informs NAC’s decision to represent an author.

Close personal engagement and targeted support enables authors a greater chance of success with NAC as their agent.

Preparing Manuscripts for Publishers

Carefully selected teams of volunteer reviewers provide critical feedback on each manuscript, for which service there is no charge. NAC Editorial works with authors to create polished manuscripts ready for publishers. Author comments.

Works will be represented to a range of publishers, selected by genre and likely market for the work. Typically the more common genres will be represented to 30-40 publishers, in 3-6 or more countries, including Australia.

We believe new authors should be offered the best chance to have their work published offshore, if the work has that potential. Consultation with the author, including decisions on representation of the work(s) to the publishers we recommend, is part of our process.

Strong relationships with publishers in Australia, the UK, Europe and elsewhere underpin NAC authors’ success.