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Stuart Campbell switched from academic writing to fiction in 2011. Formerly a Professor of Linguistics and Pro-Vice Chancellor, he now writes quirky novels about love, betrayal and redemption. His novel 'Cairo Mon Amour' was published on June 30th 2017, and he is currently working on his fourth novel. Originally from the UK, Stuart has lived in Sydney for many years.

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CAIRO MON AMOUR by Stuart Campbell

Cairo 1973. British intelligence agent Lucy Vickers is on the run, her cover blown. Her colleague Mark Bellamy has just dumped a dead policeman and a Mercedes in the Nile. Can the former lovers salvage the secret mission that has brought them together on the eve of war with Israel? Or are they throwaway players in a game of Cold War politics? As Lucy and Mark are reeled into a net of treachery, there is only one person to turn to: The enigmatic Egyptian-Armenian private eye Pierre Farag, who seems to be a step ahead of their every move. 'Cairo Mon Amour' is a gripping Cold War thriller and a poignant love story, woven around the first days of the Yom Kippur War.

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