Steven Davies


Steven Davies originally hailed from the remote West Coast region of South Australia, where he spent his life adventuring and working on or near the sea. As a third-generation family fisherman, he whiled away days and nights at sea dreaming of stories, songs, shanties and poems… most of which remain buried at the bottom of his personal ocean, awaiting a probing publisher. An adventuring family man, Steven spent the last twenty years travelling for business and pleasure, exploring the globe. He now resides in Fremantle with his wife Gabrielle, daughter Octavia and 8 year old Australian kelpie, Dude.

Steven collaborates closely with lifelong family friend and gifted illustrator from Port Lincoln South Australia, Roslyn Hood, in production of their first work for children.

Aristotle the Axolotl by Steven Davies and Roslyn Hood.

Steven's first book, 'Aristotle the Axolotl' is a picture book, with a rhyming poem for boys and girls aged 5-13 years (and parents & grandparents). 

The story follows the adventures of a young axolotl who discovers a wishing bottle. He makes his wish for a better life. During his journey Aristotle learns valuable life lessons concerning family, home and place. 

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