Steve Sohmer

Steve is a past President of Columbia Pictures, and holds a Theatrical Director card from the Directors Guild of America. His first novel, 'The Way It Was', was chosen by The New York Times as one of the 20 best of the year. His political thriller, 'Favorite Son', was a Main Selection of the Literary Guild and was published in 15 languages. Steve sold the rights to NBC, and wrote and produced it as a high-rated six-hour miniseries. His military thriller, 'Patriots', sold 160,000 copies for Transworld in the UK. Steve wrote and produced the miniseries 'Tom Clancy’s Op Center'. After earning his D.Phil. at Oxford and authoring four scholarly books on Shakespeare and the Reformation, Steve has returned to writing fiction. His goal is to publish 'The American Girl', then produce it as 10-hour limited series for HBO, Amazon or Netflix. Steve teaches a course in The Holocaust at UCLA.

 NAC Literary Agency is Steve's exclusive worldwide Agent. 

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