Steve Rogers

The author spent the majority of his working life as a script writer and producer of corporate videos. He now writes fiction for adults and children, drawing on his early experiences as an agriculture graduate, jackaroo, farmer and educator in agriculture. His first work of adult fiction, 'An Artifact of Interest', is now contracted to be published in 2017, initially in the UK. Several other works, both of adult and children’s fiction, will go to publishers in 2017. Steve lives in North Fremantle with his wife.


When a young city man chases a career change as a jackaroo on a cattle station in the Kimberley, he could not have anticipated becoming involved in an anthropological mystery. The death of a field scientist investigating her theory that the region may have been settled by a hitherto undiscovered group of Aboriginal people is based on her discovery of a new form of rock art. Her death was originally thought to have been accidental, however, there appear to be vested interests who want to disprove or subjugate her theories. Motive enough for wanting her dead? 

Steve’s ‘An Artifact of Interest’ was published July 31st 2017.

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