Sebastian Handley

Sebastian Handley is a Brighton-based 'singer,' songwriter and performance poet, who, on his daily commute to his work in a London architectural practice, wrote a series of impassioned blogs for independence from the EU which he circulated tirelessly on social media.

Just a few months after receiving a commendation from Prime Minister David Cameron, for setting up a community phone box library in Lewisham, the author found himself campaigning night and day for Cameron’s political oblivion. 

'How the Nobodies Beat the Somebodies' is the story of his journey from zero to hero ... to villain ... then back to zero again.

This is the true story of how a 'ramshackle bunch of demoralised, disorganised failures' changed the course of European history in the most peaceful revolution in British history.

How the Nobodies Beat the Somebodies by Sebastian Handley

Brexit was Britain's first full-scale information war. The seminal political event of the age, there were no petrol bombs, no occupations and no riots - it was a very British revolution. In years to come historians and politicians will struggle to explain how a disparate collection of disorganised, demoralised nobodies managed to triumph over the entire political establishment and change the course of European history. From the absurdity of the Thames flotilla debacle to the tragedy of Jo Cox, this is the story of what really happened.

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 'How the Nobodies  Beat the Somebodies' was published on 15th. June 2017 and is available at: -



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