Sarah East

Sarah East is a busy working mother, with two daughters. She runs her own graphic and interior design business and lives on Sydney’s upper north shore in Australia.

Sarah’s life-long love of children’s literature, particularly picture books, has only deepened since having her own children. Her collection of children’s books is vast, but Sarah’s personal favourites have always been stories that hold deeper learning for children and YA’s alike. Most inspiring have been stories that encourage a child’s individual discovery of themselves, and the world around them, those empowering them to value and trust in the gifts they have been born with, to share with the world. As a mother, Sarah has always tried to find meaningful ways to help her daughters navigate difficult and sometimes scary subjects through the familiar and comforting ritual of story-telling. Her works include stories about friendship, bullying, sibling rivalry, facing their fears, honesty, growing old and more. Though her own children are now teenagers, Sarah’s passion for children literature has not diminished and she continues to write short stories she hopes that perhaps, one day, her daughters will read to their own children.

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