Sarah Bourne

Sarah Bourne was born and brought up in England, but also lived in Japan and the USA. After travelling extensively in Europe, Asia, and South East Asia she settled in Australia. She is a counsellor, and finds people and their behaviour endlessly fascinating. She also teaches yoga and volunteers at a hospice writing biographies for people with a terminal illness. She has two published novels, 'Never Laugh at Shadows' and 'Two Lives'. Sarah lives in Sydney with her husband, three children, two untrainable dogs and a long suffering cat.

Winner of the 2017 Hunter Writer’s Centre prize for her short story entitled "The Sounds Of You", submitted to their Grieve Anthology. Karen Crofts, Writer, teacher of Creative Writing and Director of the centre, said, "Absolutely loved your piece. I will use it in future to demonstrate brilliant writing other than with the sense of ‘sight’. It was such a personal story but also so universal.”

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