Rosemary King

Born in England in 1935, a wartime child, taught the author to be resourceful, prudent, unafraid of difficulties and appreciative of every treat that came her way.

Married at 19, Rosemary King went to live in Uganda, and there the qualities acquired during the war proved highly beneficial.

Not only did the author open a nursery school to teach her own children, she also became the grease monkey for her husband’s motor racing interest, took up sailing on Lake Victoria, and  acted in and produced plays for the Nile Theatre.

Moving to Spain, Rosemary opened a multi-lingual nursery and acted as agent/interpreter for her husband’s company.

After UDI Rhodesia, later Zimbabwe, beckoned so back to Africa she went, immediately opening a third school. Then in quick succession Rosemary became part owner of a pickle factory, a toy factory (where she hand-painted faces on the toys); and, finally, a brass factory.

Her hobbies were bauernmalerei, weaving and garden design.

Almost 50 years after arriving in Africa the author returned to England, joined the local U3A and became involved in village activities such as organising ‘shows’ and fund-raising for the Memorial Hall by collating many years of writing into a book of short stories relating to her colourful and varied experiences and travels to over 30 countries.

Friends encouraged Rosemary to ‘publish’ her work as an anthology of short stories on African life, which she did as ‘On the River’. With typical energy the work 1st edition of 500 was printed and bound, and offered at a variety of locations in and around Lincoln.

Encouraged by the local success of ‘On the River’, and pleased by her ability to contribute to causes such as the local Memorial Hall Fund, a friend of Rosemary’s introduced the author to literary agent, New Authors Collective, with a view to her work being offered to a wider audience. Her first work is now contracted to be published shortly – 'Rosemary’s Tales'.


Rosemary's People by Rosemary King

This delightful collection of short stories from the pen of Rosemary King will transport the reader into the immediate post-colonial world of Africa. To add to these tales, Rosemary has penned a generous number of stories from other parts of the world. She has been an observer of the human condition throughout her life and we are privileged to be given the opportunity to share in experiences that are both humorous and fascinating.





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