Rhona Dunwoodie

Rhona Dunwoodie’s work has been published in The Australian, Free Expression, Positive Words, Majellan and Dawn. Several of her memoirs have been read on Radio National Australia.

Her writing awards include first place in the Barry Rogers Memorial Humanities competition and second prize in the Peter Cowan Anecdotal competition.

Rhona was born in the north of England into a large dairy farming family.  She moved to London to study nursing at Mile End Hospital and holds qualifications in general nursing, midwifery and psychiatric nursing. Her career has taken her to New Zealand and Australia. Rhona moved to Perth, Western Australia in 1965 and continues to reside there now. Her work with psychiatric patients has been a significant influence on her writing. The author is a keen calligrapher, and a patch worker who has exhibited in the Western Australian Quilters yearly exhibition.

Rhona’s ‘It's All About Melinda' is due to be published mid 2018. Two publishers competing for her work had this to say about 'It's All About Melinda' - 

'Rhona has drawn a really credible character and tackled her defects with humour and sensitivity'. 


'The writing is fluent and accessible and conveys very well the complexities of the bipolar condition, the erratic highs and lows, the rebellious and often extreme behaviour. The description of childhood and family relationships is credible and unsentimental. A typical characteristic of the condition is a lack of empathy with those around them which came across very strongly in this narrative. The family doctors and others who interact with Melinda are lightly and softly portrayed but the impact of Melinda's condition on those relationships is made clear. At one point Melinda admits they ‘were not totally sympathetic to the situation; I think they were over emotional …. I trained myself to be impervious to certain feelings and so should they’. This book insightfully and sensitively expresses the difficulties experienced by all those touched by bipolar, and will be of much interest to anyone who has been directly affected by any mental health concerns, as well as being very topical'.

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