Miles Hunt


A lawyer by trade, but perhaps not a particularly good one, it occurred to Miles that he might be working in the wrong field, and so began his journey of discovery to exactly what he should be doing. Drummer in the band Suite Nonchalant was not a success. Similarly with stand-up comedy, gigs at various venues and festivals… one day he performed a sketch to an audience of two, and realised the party was over. For a brief, foolish, moment he considered his true path might be politics, so joined the Drug Law Reform Party, hoping to be elected to the Senate at the Federal Election of 2013… but fell just a few hundred thousand votes short.

In writing, however, Miles feels he really has found his true path… has been writing novels ever since, mixing satire and philosophy in his stories.

A student of philosophy at university, Miles continued his training at the School of Practical Philosophy and realised, as he read Socrates, Buddha, Ghandi, Jesus and Shakespeare, people from across the planet, from all the ages of civilisation, have similar questions and thoughts about existence: a search for truth, justice, empathy, generosity and love are common to all people. 

This philosophy, and Miles' constant search for experience in his day to day life, is what informs his writing.

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