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Author Mike Allwood and his novel 'A Customary Dilemma' were launched by UK publisher Austin Macauley July 2016, with local Western Australian launch 3rd November 2016.

"The book is based loosely on fact. Michael Costello, the main character, is just an ordinary man but when he takes a new job in the UK's Customs Intelligence Unit he does not realise his life is about to be turned upside down. Shortly after starting his new job Michael is involved in a murder investigation which takes him away from family and home, immersing him in the violent and shady underground world of the drug cartel. The deeper Michael delves into this world the more dangerous things become for both him and those around him."

Mike Allwood retired in 2002 from a career that involved International shipping, operating container ships services around the world. He spent most of his working life in Asia (mainly HK/China) and also in UK/Europe. In addition he became involved in port and logistic type businesses

His involvement in writing began a few years back when he was visiting the UK. A contact of his who has film/media interests asked Mike to produce a film script concerning a real life experience he had had of drug related undercover agents. He thought it would make a good film. For several reasons this didn't happen, it was suggested Mike convert the script into a proper fictional thriller.

With his editor, Mike is putting the finishing touches to the second in his Michael Costello series, before submission to market late in 2016 by New Authors Collective, his agent. Book three is complete, ready for editorial attention.

Digital Book Trailer for 'A Customary Dilemma'

'A Customary Dilemma' was published on 28th June 2016 and is is available at: -

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