Joining the NAC Team


‘The NAC Panel of Reviewers is a significant resource for our authors'.

NAC Enlists Help for Authors

The majority of the 460+/- volunteers on NAC’s journey are 'Friends of NAC' (360+) and 'Reviewers' (90+) as at August 2017, though a growing group of Authors Ambassadors seems likely to swell numbers in 2017.

In addition, various panels – not all volunteers - offer services to our authors as Proof-readers (basic level ‘line edit’); Editors [levels (ii)-(iv)]; Mentors, Script-writers and Ghost-writers; Script-marketers; Graphic Designers (covers), Sketch and Illustrative artists.

New Authors Collective is open to new ways of helping authors fulfil their dream.

Joining a panel is easy: -

  • An informal discussion with Michael or one of our Editorial Heads.
  • Then a discussion with Denise Harris (Literary Head), so we may fully understand the support you offer, your pertinent experience and interests.
  • If agreed, then an invitation to join one of NAC’s panels may be extended.

With nine works contracted to be published, and several others under offshore publisher offer, NAC’s collaborative approach brings to fruition our vision for deserving authors.  

Becoming an Author's Ambassador

NAC’s invitation to act as Ambassador to author Steve Rogers, and first adult work 'An Artifact of Interest', was widely taken up, many thanks to all who volunteered.

Opportunities exist to act as Ambassador for: -

  • One work;
  • Several or all of an author’s works; or
  • Selected works from different authors you particularly empathise with.

It's easy to decide for whom you will act as Ambassador – these authors have been or soon will be published (as at August 2017) - just select an author to see their Bio and Blurb for each published work: -

Anthony Carilla; Bill East, Dor Slinkard, Mike Allwood, Rosemary King, Sebastian Handley, Rhona Dunwoodie, Steve Rogers, Stuart Campbell.

If  the idea of trying your hand as Ambassador to one or other is of interest fill in the form  and paste ‘I am interested in being an Ambassador for Author Name & Book Name’ in the ‘Enquiry’ box, and we will soon contact you with more information.’

If you prefer to test the waters before becoming an Ambassador becoming a ‘Friend of NAC’ is the way to go. Follow the same steps as ‘trying your hand as Ambassador’ above, but just insert ‘Friend of NAC’ in the ‘Enquiry’ box,

Volunteers gain enormous pleasure from working closely with other ambassadors, NAC friends, reviewers, the authors themselves, and others on NAC’s journey, promoting authors and their works both before and after publication - either on a book by book basis, or more broadly, ongoing. 

Joining NAC’s Journey

‘Situations Vacant’ - 'Contact' NAC if your interest is: -

  • Editorial Understudy for Denise Harris (adult works) and/or Dee Doraisamy (children’s & YA’s works)
  • ^Review Panel members interested in Team Leader role.
  • ^Editors – levels (ii)-(iv) [N.B. Our ‘Level (i) Line edit proof-readers’ list is full].
  • ^Volunteers with any social media knowledge, and/or PR and/or publishing experience - to work with specific NAC authors on marketing & PR in the 2-3 months after each work is published.
  • ^Script Marketers – to help promote NAC authors work to film &/or TV producers.
  • Reviewers of (both) Adult and Children’s works [Note – professional expertise is not essential, but you should be a keen reader, with enthusiasm for one or more genres of writing].

^N.B. These roles are normally taken on a manuscript by manuscript basis.

Please contact Michael to discuss your interest by phone +61294384133, or e-mail - [email protected].

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