Joining NAC's Journey


‘The NAC Panel of Reviewers is a significant resource for our authors'.

NAC Enlists Help for Authors

Of the 400+ people currently on NAC’s journey, some 375 are volunteers such as Friends of NAC, Reviewers (90+), Ambassadors, Book Clubs and others keen to support our emerging authors.

Others offer services to our authors as proof-readers & editors; script-writers, sketch and illustrative artists, and our Script Marketing Unit submits a small number of carefully selected works for film, TV etc consideration.

New Authors Collective is open to considering new ways of helping authors fulfil their dream.

Joining NAC’s Journey

‘Join the journey’ - 'Contact' or phone NAC if your interest is: -

  • Editorial Understudy for Denise Harris (adult works) and/or Dee Doraisamy (children’s, Middle Grade & YA’s works).
  • Reviewers of (both) Adult and Children’s works [Note – professional expertise is not essential; being a keen reader, with enthusiasm for one or more genres of writing, keen to help emerging authors, is enough].
  • ^Review Panel members interested in progressing to a Team Leader role.
  • ^Editors – levels (ii)-(iv) [N.B. Our ‘Level (i) Line edit proof-readers’ list is full].
  • ^Volunteers with any social media knowledge, and/or PR and/or publishing experience - to work with specific NAC authors on marketing & PR in the 2-3 months after each work is published.

^N.B. These roles are normally taken on a manuscript by manuscript basis.

Please contact Michael to discuss your interest by phone +61294384133, or e-mail - [email protected].

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