John Lockrey

John Lockrey, the oldest of seven children, was brought up in suburban Chicago. 

An honor student in high school he was captain of an undefeated football team, and the wrestling team.  In college he was an All-American wrestling champion - and lead singer for a regionally touring R&B band. 

Receiving a Bachelor’s Degree and a Master’s Degree, the author worked for two major Universities, and started his own investment banking company.

Married, he and his wife had one child who, tragically, died at age twenty-nine, losing his talented singer/songwriter daughter, changing him forever.

Travelling extensively nationally (a public speaker in more than 35 states) and overseas (Ireland, Thailand, Panama, Mexico, Canada 30 trips cruising the Caribbean), the author expanded his view of the world. 

A passionate golfer and sports fan, John also loves to cook, especially Caribbean cuisine.

John retired in early 2016, embarking on writing as a full-time career, represented by New Authors Collective. The author is now working on his work in the James Wagner series, feeling more creative than ever.

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