Isaac Oosterloo



Isaac Oosterloo is an adventurer, photographer and author.

As a former motorcycle travel writer turned novelist, Isaac has a completely unique and evocative writing voice and perspective. He channels all of the experience gained through an adulthood of exploring our beautiful world, as well as his love of life and the human condition into his writing.  This free spirited man can be found scribbling furiously in a writers pad while leaning on his bike by the side of a highway, or being hypnotised by a sunset. He believes strongly in going your own way and that following your instincts will lead to the best gifts that you will ever give yourself. That life is a journey and those who seek will be rewarded for it.

He is thirty-three years old, has a Cert 4 in Professional writing and editing, is the author of the books ‘Squat Party’ and ‘The Faceless Man’ and is a regular contributing travel writer and photographer for Australian Road Rider magazine.

He is Tasmanian born, and has lived and travelled all over Australia, Asia, Europe and the Americas.

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