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NAC Review Panel

NAC acknowledges the vital contribution of our volunteer reviewers to authors’ potential success.

Helping authors refine their works before submission to publishers, NAC’s Review Panel ensures a certain manuscript standard, a standard widely acknowledged by publishers.

Consequently, 80+ publishers worldwide undertook to give close, personal attention to NAC authors. The fact 30 specifically accredited New Authors Collective reflects general expectation of a certain standard in the manuscripts that we submit.

Authors themselves often remark on the contribution of the Review Panel to developing their writing skills, and on what may be done with the work to position it well for publishers. Some of those comments appear in ‘Author Comment on NAC Support.’


NAC Friends and Ambassadors

Ambassadors & Friends of NAC are groups of volunteers who contribute much to our authors’ success by (i) supporting promotion of an author and their book through post-publication promotion, or (ii) more widely promoting New Authors Collective.

Useful promotion might include discussing the book enthusiastically with family and friends, organising book signings, asking local booksellers to stock the work, lobbying a range of people and organisations to review the work or interview the author, hosting or organising events such as 'Meet the Author' or ‘Meet New Authors Collective’. Other ways might perhaps include working as member or Team Leader of a group providing promotional support in a geographical area, squiring the author on visits in their community.

Friends and Ambassadors determine the extent and frequency of their promotional support.

Whatever their contribution, NAC sincerely acknowledges the crucial importance of our volunteers' work.



Though NAC volunteers remain anonymous we gratefully acknowledge that without their selfless contribution our task would be much harder, if not impossible. Thank you!

Note: - If you are interested to know whether you may contribute to the success of NAC’s authors please enquire NAC through Contact Us.