Honour Board


Unsung Heroes

NAC acknowledges our reviewers’ vital contribution to authors’ potential success.

Helping authors refine their works before submission to publishers, our reviewers enable an envious manuscript standard widely acknowledged by publishers.

Consequently, many publishers in seven countries give close personal attention to manuscripts from NAC authors, reflecting a general expectation of the manuscript standard we submit.

Authors themselves often remark on the contribution of NAC’s reviewers to developing their writing skills, and on what may be done with the work to position it well for publishers. Some of those comments appear in Author Comments.

NAC Friends’ and ‘Ambassadors’

Several groups of volunteers contribute much to our authors’ success.

Whatever their contribution, NAC sincerely acknowledges the crucial importance of their work. Without their selfless contribution our task would be so much harder. Thank you!

If you would like to know whether you may contribute to the success of NAC’s authors please call Michael Cybulski on +61413053083.

Past NAC Executive

In particular we acknowledge the valuable contributions of Dee Doraisamy (children's, middle grade and YA's editorial) and Denise Harris (adult works editorial) in developing NAC's abilities as an innovative literary agent.