Dee Doraisamy

Born and raised on a dairy farm outside Sydney Dee Doraisamy trained as a teacher, and studied widely in languages before gaining degrees in Spanish, German.

Before marrying she moved to London where she worked in a psychiatric practice that focused on children with autism. Much of what she learnt there, and during her travels, was later incorporated in her teaching and writing.

On retirement from a multi-million dollar medical enterprise she travelled to India, where she lived with her husband before returning to Australia eight years later. Here she began further educational training, completing her Master’s Degree in Special Education.

Returning to education, Dee rediscovered her love of writing. Completing her Master’s Degree in Creative Writing at UTS in Sydney in 2010, she has been writing and editing for others ever since.

Her early work with children with autism in the UK and teaching in Australia gives her a unique insight into children's and young adult’s writing, making her the perfect Head of Children's Literature for NAC.

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