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Born in London in 1939, author Bill East’s earliest memories are of the Blitz, air-raid shelters, rationing and the absence of a father fighting in Europe and North Africa. Despite the war he had a happy childhood.

Unable to settle on a career path, Bill joined the Merchant Navy as a Radio Officer before marrying and migrating to Australia in 1968.  He worked in Industrial Sales before starting his own Company (now managed by his oldest son) and has been married (to the same Kiwi!) for 51 years.

Since ‘retirement’ Bill reads, kayaks, plays chess, plays the shakuhachi [Japanese flute, exercises at the gym and ‘tunes’ his French. Bronze casting is squeezed in too, yet somehow he finds to write, a long time passion further developed since ‘retirement’. 


The Arbutus by Bill East

A woman makes contact with a former lover, the owner of a beautiful private estate on the outskirts of Sydney. He was abandoned by her for another man six years earlier.  She appears to have been welcomed back and the affair recommences.  

In her absence her lover has developed macabre ideas regarding the physical manifestation of human love.  He weaves a complex story for her, disclosing details of several murders he has committed to test his beliefs.

The woman soon discovers his resentment towards her earlier ‘disloyalty’, and his desire for revenge becomes frighteningly apparent. Mental cruelty morphs into physical abuse. She must fight back in order to free herself.   

She realises she has developed intriguing and disturbing character traits, which result in the death of her lover, and a surprising emotional climax.

Her desire to take control of the estate motivates her to dispose of the body and embark on an elaborate cover-up.

Clues, seemingly left by her murdered lover in anticipation of his own demise, may enable control of his estate, if only they can be unravelled.  Her efforts lead to the discovery of a will, and further surprises.

Things go well until the arrival of a serious threat to her security.  Another murder must be committed.  The murder is successful. The cover-up, this time, is not.

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Maddie Trinco by Bill East

The sequel to ‘The Arbutus’ is called ‘Maddie Trinco’, and like its ‘prequel’ it sits comfortably in the ‘Mystery/Thriller’ genre.

It’s really a melange of four stories….

Maddie’s release from prison and her teaming up with a very rich property developer to whom she has been forced to sell her inherited estate, a group of middle aged men who are convinced that their friend [currently overseas] will return to Australia and kill the man he believes responsible for his daughter’s death, the pressures and threats experienced by one of the group [an ex IRA member turned informer] and the ultimate return of the man whose daughter was killed.

Maddie’s character supplies the theme of ‘justice outside the law’ and the reader, like the protagonists, is finally confronted with doubts about the morality of Maddie’s actions.

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