Anthony Carilla

Anthony has had a successful corporate career within the IT Industry having worked at senior levels across numerous global IT corporations specifically within Marketing and Sales departments. Anthony left corporate work to focus his energies on his writing ambitions investing years of research in order to complete his first major work Convergence - Towards Immortality. Anthony's personal ambition is to transition his career into full time writing and to offer readers compelling thought provoking stories.

Convergence: Towards Immortality by Anthony Carilla - available from all good bookshops and Amazon/Kindle.

What if there was no further need for faith: how would that impact and change the world? What if science was able to unravel the secret to immortality and the composition of the soul: how would that affect humanity? It is the year 2038 and the world has entered a period of great scientific discovery and achievement. It is also a time of upheaval and uncertainty, where old ways, systems and cultures are challenged by new norms, new social structures and new threats. Convergence is the story of Laura, Alessandro and other brave individuals whose destinies become intertwined through a series of significant archaeological and scientific undertakings. It forces them to collaborate in order to ensure that the truth that lies beyond is revealed to all of humanity. The quest they embark upon will propel them to overcome danger and adversity and to answer the ultimate human question through the greatest discovery of all time.

ISBN: 9781787102910

Anthony's Convergence - Towards Immortality was published June 30th 2017.

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