Anne Deed

Born in the early fifties, Ann Deed was the daughter of WWII survivors, acquiring their traits of pragmatism, imagination and confidence in facing adversity. Along with her four siblings, they lived in outer Sydney where the persona of Anne Deed duly evolved. After completing a teaching degree, and while in her early 20’s, the author travelled widely in Europe, Scandinavia, UK and Africa. While doing this, she honed her ability to see the world in practical terms. Anne readily accepted the differences in others and thrilled to the variety of people she met on her travels. Anne married in the early 80’s and worked in Sydney as a receptionist and part-time teacher. Her husband had gypsy tendencies - staying put in one place seemed to elude him. He moved from city to country living, then back to the city before deciding that India was a good place to go. So, they went. This was a turning point for Anne who soon transitioned into Indian ways and an alternate lifestyle. They stayed for several years, before returning to Australia after the untimely death of Anne’s husband. Anne, now lives outside Sydney where she is writing her memoirs. Her book 'Another Love' is part of that story.

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